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Individual Counseling
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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

individual counseling

Do you feel exhausted? worried? unsure? sad? anxious? Stuck? Not sure which way to turn or what step to take next? There is no doubt that life can be overwhelming and chaotic. Sometimes it becomes more than we can handle alone. Individual counseling can help you take the first step toward overcoming whatever challenge life has thrown in your path.  We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment to listen to you and work with you.  Together we work to find your inner strengths to create change for a better tomorrow.

For about an hour every week, we get to talk about you. We will start by talking about things you would like to see different, areas of your life you want to improve and how your overall sense of well-being can change. We work together to develop your list of goals or in other words your treatment plan. Your plan will guide our focus each session. Our goal is for you to leave each session with a sense of accomplishment.

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